In 2020/21 The Smile Foundation commissioned Diversify to create a series of ‘Kindness Superhero’ Workshops. In addition to this, we have also donated workshops and awareness sessions to schools across the UK. At the foundation we believe no child should miss out on the opportunity to be educated about inclusion. By funding the cost of the workshops and awareness sessions it has allowed schools with little to no budget to access these important lessons. 

Diversify's mission is to promote social inclusion through educational workshops, programmes and awareness sessions in both the education and business sector. Promotion of social inclusion means increased awareness of topics, decreased negative attention towards these issues and ultimately better lives for those who experience exclusion on a daily basis. Diversify believe that people are often scared of differences in society through a lack of understanding and that by informing the public, Diversify remove that barrier to communication and community.
"The staff at Diversify Now delivered some really engaging and valuable workshops for the students in our schools."
"Our students thoroughly enjoyed learning about Disability today, they had so many questions and the advocate took the time to answer each and every one of them. "
"Our students enjoyed becoming 'Kindness Superhero's' today. Diversify engaged our students across all key stages with fun activities and interactive films. Thank you so much to the foundation for donating this programme."
Eastwood Village Primary
"Our students learnt all about identity today, through this workshop they learnt about embracing others and taking the time to have conversation with people from other cultures, and, importantly to be proud of their own identities."
"Today i became a kindness superhero! it was so fun!"
"The 'Kindness Superhero' workshops have taught our students that the real superpower is making others happy and the gift of kindness is one that should always be given."

Join our movement and become a kindness superhero!

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