This September The Smile foundation gave a large grant to The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation. We gave this grant after hearing about the wonderful work they do below is a message from their founder.

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation was founded with a single aim; to ensure that men and women diagnosed with a terminal or life-limiting illness can fulfil their wish to marry their soul mate, regardless of physical, emotional, or financial constraints. The charity assumes many of the burdens associated with organising a wedding, such as funding and planning those key moments, as well as being on hand to offer support, advice and inspiration. This allows couples to savour their time spent together, rather than worrying about aspects of their day that are easily taken care of for them. Getting married might be the last tick on a couple’s bucket list; it might be one more thing for them to focus on before illness takes hold completely. We don’t believe that anyone should miss out on getting married if they’ve found The One – even if their health and financial status is screaming at them otherwise. Illness can’t destroy the happy memories that are taken away from such an occasion; even in those darkest hours. The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation exists to help as many couples as possible to marry before it’s too late. I wouldn’t want to spend my time doing anything else.

Without any financial support the charity relies on generous donations and fundraising efforts, as well as suppliers working for free or heavily reduced costs. For this reason, the team were thrilled when The Tracy Clarkson Smile Foundation approached them with a generous gift.

The Tracy Clarkson Smile Foundation’s gift means the world to us, and the couples it will go on to help. I feel as though we’ve been seen and appreciated for what we do – and that we finally deserve the help that other charities receive. We are eternally grateful, and know that we will be able to do so much good with their donation.


“Our wedding day was truly one of the best days of our lives; what Naomi and the team did for us was out of this world. It took my breath away. We were so lucky to have everybody we wanted there, and to share our special day with them all. Having our son at our wedding was the greatest gift anybody could have given us; he is our everything.”
Laura and Shaun White
Running for 10 years the charity has helped numerous couples to marry; some of those brides and grooms continue to enjoy wedded bliss, while others, sadly, have since lost their battles. Getting to know and love the couples is both a blessing and a curse, although my team wouldn’t have it any other way
Naomi Thomas - Founder
I know all too well how the couples who approach the charity feel. Following a period of treatment for breast cancer in 2009, and the birth of my baby boy a matter of months later, I was diagnosed with secondary, incurable breast cancer in 2010. My son was just six days old. My partner Graham and i had been looking forward to getting married for over two years; Graham had proposed weeks prior to my initial diagnosis in 2009. However, the physical, emotional, and financial exhaustion that debilitating illness inspires left us with little choice but to postpone our nuptials until i was feeling better. Upon receiving my devastating diagnosis in 2010 we had all but given up getting married, sure that we’d never manage to pull a wedding together on our own.
Naomi Thomas - Founder
In 2011 our luck changed, and a local wedding planner named Sam came forward. She’d read about our plight in a local newspaper and promised that she’d help organise our wedding – for a fraction of our original budget. Harnessing their creative talents and generosity of local wedding suppliers, many of whom worked for free or a reduced fee, she achieved what had at first appeared impossible. We married in June 2012 surrounded by our closest friends and family; our dream had been realised. I had worked as a wedding planner prior to my diagnosis, was left feeling humbled by the experience, and with little to focus on now our big day was over, I swore to help couples in a similar situation. The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation was born.
Naomi Thomas - Founder
"We chose to help the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation as their cause felt very close to home. Those who knew Tracy will know that she would have done anything in her power to put a smile on someone's face - particularly someone going through a difficult time. Upon hearing about the wonderful work this charity do I felt Tracy with us and just know she was willing us to help people make lasting memories with the people they love"
Sara Cunningham - CEO The Smile Foundation
"After speaking with the founder - Naomi, I found myself quite emotional and in oar of the work they do. To give people a day they can remember and create beautiful memories at a time where everything must feel bleak, truly is a cause worth investing in"
Sara Cunningham - CEO The Smile Foundation
"The Foundation will continue to work with The Wishing Well Foundation. If you are as moved as we are by their work please follow this link to directly donate to them and give some smiles."
Sara Cunningham - CEO The Smile Foundation

we are delighted we could help!

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